corporate team outing in Bangalore

Make Your Corporate Team Outing in Bangalore Resorts, a Win

Your Corporate team outing in Bangalore is a fantastic opportunity for team building and fostering stronger relationships among team members. Unfortunately, the corporate team outing in Bangalore ends up being a focus on food and entertainment – a throwback to the other big events in Indian’s lives – the wedding. Read on to ensure that you know how to make your corporate team outing in Bangalore, a resounding success.

Tips for a Great Corporate Team Outing in Bangalore

Start with a simple checklist:

  • What’s the occasion?
    Is it a celebration? Getting the team together? Low productivity and therefore a morale booster? Or are you just trying to exhaust your budgets because the quarter is coming to an end?
  • Who’s the audience?
    Most companies fall prey to another Indian Tradition – to invite everyone. Please stop doing that. If this is a team outing – then it should only be THE TEAM. You don’t have to invite the teams that sit on the same floor, or the teams that report to the same director. If that’s the case, don’t call it a corporate team outing.
  • What will you achieve?
    if you’re planning to address team building, then make it count. Bring in the experts, utilize the time and make it count. Don’t mix everything – business talks, pep talks, team presentations and fun & games.
  • What results would you want to measure?
    There aren’t any free lunches. So ensure that your plan is also to have a measurable result. This could be c-sat scores, e-sat scores, boost in morale, better communication, conflict resolution or any other parameter that has been plaguing the team.
corporate team outing in Bangalore

Choosing the Right Resort in Bangalore

Another throwback to weddings is the location – or in this case, the Resort. Choosing the right resort in Bangalore to host your corporate event is crucial to ensure a successful outing but identifying the activity to engage your group is just as necessary.

When planning a corporate team outing in Bangalore, it’s essential to select a resort that offers the ideal setting for your team activities. Resorts in Bangalore for corporate outings such as Guhantara Resort, Olde Bangalore, Golden Palms, Shilhaandara Resort, and Mango Mist Resort are popular choices that cater to team building activities and corporate events.

For a day outing near Bangalore, resorts like Vana Resort Bangalore, RD Nature Retreat Bangalore, and Golden Amoon Resort also provide serene environments away from the bustling city. These resorts not only offer team building activities but also luxurious amenities for a memorable experience.

The Corporate Team Outing in Bangalore

Golden Palms resort in Bangalore stands out as a premier choice for corporate retreats, offering a tranquil environment and top-notch facilities to ensure a productive and enjoyable team outing experience.

Embarking on an effective team outing at Guhantara Resort guarantees a unique underground cave setting that fosters team dynamics through engaging activities and bonding opportunities.

Olde Bangalore is renowned for enhancing team dynamics, providing a rustic yet charming atmosphere for corporate teams to strengthen relationships and collaborate effectively in a serene setting.

Team Building Activities for Corporate Outings

Team building activities play a significant role in enhancing teamwork and communication among team members during a corporate outing in Bangalore. Resorts like Club Cabana Resort and Bangalore Palace offer a variety of team activities to engage employees and make the outing more enjoyable. But a smarter choice would be to engage experts in team building to organise the experiential learning activities for you.

When organizing your team outing in Bangalore, ensure you consider the preferences and interests of ALL team members. Choose team outing places in Bangalore that provide a balance of relaxation and excitement to cater to different preferences within your team. When it comes to Bangalore, the location is just as important – ensure that it isn’t out of the way for your employees. If your offices are in South Bangalore, then a resort in that general direction makes more sense than something in the North, even if they’re offering you a better deal.

How to Choose Activities for Bangalore Resorts

When selecting activities for your team outing at Bangalore resorts, consider the balance between indoor and outdoor options. Indoor activities like team building workshops and seminars can be beneficial for skill development and bonding. On the other hand, outdoor activities such as adventure sports and similar activities promote competition, collaboration and interaction in a refreshing setting.

Go with the Experts in Corporate Outings

Choosing experts in organizing corporate outings can make a significant difference in the success of your team event. Experienced team building facilitators understand the intricacies of team dynamics and can tailor activities to suit your team’s objectives and preferences. By entrusting professionals with your corporate outing, you can ensure a seamless and memorable experience for your team members.

Selecting the Ideal Team Activity for your Corporate outing in Bangalore

When deciding on the perfect team activity for your corporate outing in Bangalore, consider the interests and preferences of your team members. Opt for activities that promote teamwork, communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills. Whether it’s a group challenge, sports competition, or creative task, selecting the right team activity is key to fostering camaraderie and mutual support among your team.

3 More Tips to have a successful corporate team outing in Bangalore

The Experience

It’s essential to prioritize spending on engaging team activities rather than lavish amenities during your corporate team outing in Bangalore. Studies have shown that corporate outings involving large groups rarely use more than 15% of the amenities. This is especially true if your outing is packed with an agenda.

So invest in experiences that encourage teamwork and collaboration to enrich the bonding among team members as well as to break the monotony of any speaking engagements that you might have included.

Get a Facilitator, not an Emcee

Instead of just having an emcee to host the event, consider hiring a professional facilitator who can guide team-building activities effectively. A facilitator can ensure that the activities are engaging, purposeful, and contribute to the overall objectives of the corporate outing. An emcee on the other hand will conduct silly and sometimes childish activities. You need to spend on the experiences not just the location. There are various team activities conducted by expert facilitators that will make your team outing a memorable one. As part of planning your next corporate outing, keep this high up on the list.

Smaller Teams, not Large Groups

Opting for smaller team sizes rather than large groups can enhance the effectiveness of team-building activities during your corporate outing. Smaller teams allow for better communication, increased participation, and closer interactions among team members, leading to more meaningful connections and stronger bonds within the team. To spend a day in one of the best resorts with a large group would make your team building efforts futile.

Most corporate outings in Bangalore are for group sizes larger than 100 people. This makes for ineffective planning, and poor experience. Move away from adding more people to your corporate outing just because you’re getting a better deal. At the end of the day, your corporate outing is to improve employer branding, team dynamics, camaraderie, and overall productivity of teams. Even a celebration is an opportunity for all these factors.


corporate team outing in Bangalore

What are some of the best team outing places near Bangalore?

There are several amazing options for team outings near Bangalore such as resorts in and around Bangalore, which offer great team building activities and a perfect setting for bonding.

What makes Bangalore a great destination for team outings?

Bangalore is not only known for its pleasant weather and vibrant culture but also for the numerous team outing places it offers. The city provides a perfect blend of leisure and adventure activities to make your corporate outing a success.

How can I make my corporate team outing in Bangalore a memorable experience?

To make your corporate team outing in Bangalore truly unforgettable, choose resorts in bangalore offering a great location, good amenities, and delicious food. Then call in experts to facilitate the main activities for your day.

What are some of the best places in Bangalore for a corporate team outing?

Bangalore boasts of some of the finest resorts and outing destinations that are ideal for corporate team outings. Whether you prefer a resort with a scenic view or one that offers adventure activities, Bangalore City has it all.

Which resorts are known for providing the best corporate team outing experience?

There are several places around Bangalore and on the outskirts of Bangalore, that are renowned for offering various team building activities and top-notch team outing experiences. Look for a resort that not only provides great amenities but also focuses on team building and creating memorable moments for your team. A perfect team outing comprises of many factors – the location, the agenda, the activities and the event.

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