Mastering Global Markets: The International Business Board Game for Team Building

Teamification, based in Bangalore, introduces an innovative tool for corporate team building: an international business board game. This game uniquely blends strategy and leadership skill enhancement, offering a realistic simulation of global market challenges.

The Concept Behind the International Business Board Game

Teamification’s creation serves as a bridge between conventional team building and practical business strategy training. The game, set on a global scale, allows players to experience the nuances of international trade, including buying and selling properties, navigating market fluctuations, and strategic planning against competitors.

Regional dominance, investments, acquisitions and growth parameters help leaders determine their roles, as well as compelling them to take data driven decisions. 

international business board game for leaders, team building board games

Game Mechanics: A Deep Dive

At its core, the game board represents the global market, segmented into various countries where players can invest. Each participant receives 4 passports, symbolizing their ability to operate in different markets. The game includes action cards, representing investments, and the rule book, which guides players through scenarios mimicking real-world business challenges.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

The primary objective is to cultivate leadership qualities and strategic thinking among players. Through the game of buying and selling, making sound decisions & consumer acquisitions, participants learn about risk assessment, negotiation, and decision-making. The interactive nature of the game encourages teamwork and communication, essential skills in any business environment.

The Role of Competition: Monopoly and Beyond

Unlike traditional board games like Monopoly, Teamification‘s international business game emphasizes not just competition but collaboration and strategic partnerships. Players acting as foreign businessmen must decide when to compete and when to collaborate, mirroring the complexities of real-world international business.

international business board game for leaders, team building board games

Implementing the Game in Corporate Team Building

For leadership teams, this international business board game offers a unique opportunity to hone their skills in a controlled, competitive, and fun environment. It’s an engaging way to break down barriers within teams, encourage creative problem-solving, and develop a strategic mindset.

Feedback and Adaptation

Continuous feedback from participants has allowed Teamification to refine the game, ensuring it remains relevant and challenging for teams. This adaptability has made the international business board game a favored tool in leadership development programs.


Teamification’s international business board game stands out as a creative and effective solution for leadership team building. It bridges the gap between theory and practice, offering teams in Bangalore and beyond a unique platform to develop their strategic and leadership skills.

international business board game for leaders, team building board games

What is The International Business Board Game?

A: International Business Board Game is a strategic game that simulates real-world international business scenarios to develop leadership skills.

How can playing this game improve leadership skills?

A: Unlike games for kids that involve buying and selling properties, in the International Business Board Game, the players understand the market dynamics and nuances in different countries, learns to strategize, negotiate, and think critically, which are essential skills for effective leadership.

What makes the International Business Board Game an evergreen game?

A: The International Business Board Game is considered evergreen because of its timeless appeal and the continuous relevance of international business concepts it teaches.

How does the game simulate real-world international business scenarios?

A: In the game, players act as foreign businessmen who attempt to establish presence and market dominance in famous countries, mimicking the actions and decisions involved in international business transactions.

How many participants are required for this Leadership board game simulation?

A minimum of 24 leaders can participate. At a minimum, we would have 6 teams of 4 each. Each table will have a representative from a team

Q: Why is international business well known worldwide?

A: International business is well known worldwide for its significance in promoting global trade, fostering economic development, and creating opportunities for cross-border collaborations.

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