Team Building With VR

Team Building with VR

Not everyone can pull this off, But team building with VR is a cinch for us. We have both the expertise in team building (18+ years) as well as the ability to create digital experiences with VR and AR (6+ years). We have put these capabilities to good use and so, executive quest – a digital hunt using VR.

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Executive Quest

Team Building with VR

Our Team Building with VR offerings are modern, tech driven and yet seamless for an immersive and amazing experience for your groups.

Strong Storyline

A believable story is essential when taking teams into a virtual world. We’ve nailed it in this digital hunt.

Communication Clarity

This team building activity has been designed to highlight communication clarity, team work and problem solving

Unparalleled Results

Executive Quest – our team building with VR solution, is the most popular activity for leadership groups as well as outbound teams. Because it delivers, every time.

Why Team Building with VR or AR

Understand why this activity works for you


Someone wearing the headset sees a different world and objects. But do they really have the ability to describe it to you in a manner you can understand?


Most of the team building activities you experience have been created years ago. However, Executive Quest is brand new, modern and relevant in today’s world


Virtual Reality is still relatively new and draws a lot of interest. This is why it captures the group’s interest and why it holds it too


No physical skill sets, no sports expertise, no stereotypes. All our team building with VR activities are inclusive and equal for leaders and new hires alike.


Just 75 minutes + debrief. The activities are designed to highlight learning and this one has a lot of it. For leadership teams, we recommend 20-30 minutes of debrief


Indoor, outdoor, in your office, in a boardroom. You tell us where you’d like us to conduct this and we will. No compromises on the immersiveness of VR or the effectiveness of your team building.

FAQ for Team Building with VR

How does team building with VR improve communication and collaboration?

Team building with VR creates immersive environments. This is where team members can interact and solve problems together. These activities simulate real-life scenarios, promoting effective communication and collaboration. The shared virtual space allows team members to practice working together in ways that traditional team-building exercises may not offer.

What types of activities are included in VR team-building programs?

VR team-building programs include a variety of activities designed to foster teamwork and problem-solving skills. Common activities include virtual escape rooms, collaborative puzzles, interactive storytelling adventures, and team-based challenges. These require strategic thinking and cooperation.

What are the benefits of using VR for team building compared to traditional methods?

VR for team building offers several advantages over traditional methods. It provides a highly immersive and engaging experience that can be more memorable and impactful. VR activities can simulate complex scenarios that are difficult to recreate in real life. This offers unique opportunities for learning and growth. Additionally, VR allows for greater flexibility and can be more inclusive – as it can be accessed from anywhere.

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